Five Senses Poems Lesson

Hi Teachers,

Here is a copy of the lesson we did with the second year ACCESS students in Coban. I think it would be great for the pilot students too and any intermediate-advanced students. It’s a great intro to writing poetry because the template is structured so Ss have an idea of what to write, but they are free to come up with their own creative ideas. It basically involves describing a topic (this works best with abstract ideas such as emotions) using the 5 senses and similes. The reason it works best with emotions I think is that they generally compare the emotion or abstract concept with something that is concrete and perceivable by the senses which kind of illuminates the author’s thoughts on the topic. For example if they choose “Flowers” it wouldn’t work well because they will want to say flowers look like flowers. If they were to choose “home” they could describe the sights and sounds of their home, and if they choose “friendship” it will be about their experiences, what friendship means to them. We started with a simile match game which we made on notecards, each with 1/2 of a simile. Ex: one card will say “My sister runs” and its match card will say  “like a cheetah.” This was the warm up to start getting the Ss to think about similes and why they’re important in poetry. We explained that this for example is more interesting and creates a better picture in your mind than just “my sister runs really fast.” We had the template and the example poems on posterboard posted on the wall, and it worked very well! The Ss had fun with it, and at the end we had a “poetry reading” where we introduced the poets and they shared with the class.



Five Senses Poems Lesson ACCESS


DSCN1298 DSCN1317


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